Unstoppable Tamil Thalaivas Players List 2023: Experience, Youth, and Kabaddi Prowess

Tamil Thalaivas players list 2023

The release of several key players ahead of the 2023 Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season could have a significant impact on the Tamil Thalaivas’ performance. The team’s decision to part ways with star raider Pawan Sehrawat, who was the league’s most expensive player at ₹2.26 crore, is a major setback. Sehrawat was a consistent performer for the Thalaivas in the previous season, averaging 14.4 raid points per match. His absence will leave a big void in the team’s offense.

The Thalaivas have also released several other experienced players, including Manjeet (defender), Surjeet Singh (all-rounder), and Arpit Saroha (all-rounder). These players were all valuable contributors to the team in the past, and their departure will further weaken the Thalaivas squad.

How good Tamil Thalaivas team 2023

The Tamil Thalaivas team for the 2023 Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season is a mix of experienced players and young talent. The team has a strong raiding lineup with Ajinkya Pawar, Himanshu Narwal, and Ke. Selvamani leading the charge. The defense is also solid with Sagar Rathi, Himanshu Yadav, and Amirhossein Bastami forming the core.

Overall, the Tamil Thalaivas team is a well-balanced unit with the potential to go far in PKL 2023. They have a good mix of experience and youth, and they are capable of scoring big points on both offense and defense.

Tamil Thalaivas players List 2023 – Retained

Tamil Thalaivas players List 2023 – Full Squad

Raiders: Selvamani K, Ajinkya power, vishal chahal, Himanshu Narwal, Himanshu Singh, Nitin Singh, Narender, jatin, satish Kannan, masanamuthu Lakshnan.

Defender: M. Abhishek, Himanshu, Sagar, Aashish, Mohith, sahil Gulia, AmirHussein Bastami, Ronak, Nitish Kumar, Mohammedaza kaboudrahangi.

All-rounder: Ritik

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